On 17–19 May 2017 in Tricity, TIMATE cards will go live for the first time. The presentation will take place during the infoShare 2017 conference, the top event in Central and Eastern Europe that focuses on technology, new media and support for young enterprises.


TIMATE has chosen to enter the stage at infoShare for a reason. It is a new business that combines advanced technology and IoT to create an intelligent solution for fair management of work time and safety. The time and attendance technology by TIMATE is the first such system in the world that does not require any user activity. It is a cutting-edge replacement for old access cards as well as an ethical alternative to the popular, though legally dubious biometric solutions for work time monitoring.


We are very glad that TIMATE will make its début during the infoShare event, says Tomasz Łempiński, CTO at TIMATE. We have been observing this conference for a long time and we know that it is a great opportunity to meet inspiring people and make new contacts. This is what we are looking for right now.


The TIMATE project is in the advanced research and development stage. The results of testing in the academic environment (among students of a Silesian university) are positive. The solution has also been successfully used in a virtual simulation of a real company. It is now high time to verify the system in operating conditions, so TIMATE is looking for partners who will test the new time and attendance solution in their enterprises.


We will present our cards to the participants and we will also show how they work. But that is not all. Since we are still developing our invention, we are going to Tricity to see how the participants will react to it, adds Tomasz Łempiński. We will listen to all opinions, because feedback is really important to us. We are ready to hear praise as well as constructive criticism. We invite everybody to visit our stand.


This year it is the eleventh edition of infoShare. The event is divided into a few parallel topics with more than 100 speakers. The estimated number of participant is 5,000. Investors from Poland and other European countries will also take active part in the event.