The main advantages
of the system

Automatic working hours register


The card enables diligent working hours settlement.  Data concerning working hours is provided to the employer.  The employee can see the data displayed on the screen.

Employee safety


The card supports the EHS procedures. Combined with a sensor on the hard hat, the card detects whether the required personal protection equipment is being used. The system reminds the employee to use the personal protection equipment at hazardous locations by means of personalized messages and an audio signal.
The sensors in the card make it possible to detect falls from a height and impact. When involved in an incident the employee is able to confirm his location, which helps to avoid false alarms.

Monitoring work efficiency


The card notifies the employee about his daily tasks, which helps to organize working hours. The system monitors movement taking into account the proportions of physical and mental work.

TIMATE collects data assessing work efficiency at the specific post. Subject to the employee’s approval to track his location, the system collects the data and uses it to optimize his work site.

No invigilation


We realize that the employer has the right to control his workers. While creating the TIMATE system we wanted to solve the problem of invading the privacy of the employees by using finger print readers, cameras, chips and other biometric sensors.
Our system is solely concerned with movement. Thanks to the system based on statistics, the card registers only working hours and detects abuse such as e.g. using two cards at the same time, leaving the card behind or abandoning the work site.

A modern wearable gadget


TIMATE looks like a modern sports watch providing information about working hours. The card may be used as a motivational tool displaying points and incentives.
The employee may also use the card after hours to check his work statistics and schedule as well as use it as a weather station, alarm clock, calendar and a micro game.

A modern IT system


All the data from the card is sent to a centralized system located in the company or in the cloud. People responsible for settlements and analyses have access to the data.
The software is used to provide information to employees and to add their schedules.


Easy communication
with the employee


The employee may receive communications to his card.  In this way he can have access to information and tasks at all times without the need to access his computer.



A list of tasks
and schedule


Thanks to the NFC built into the card, once it is placed in front of a smartphone we can obtain detailed information about due tasks without the need to log into the system.


Locating on the premises


The card can locate the employee as being in a specific room or part of a building especially if an accident or emergency occurs.

Would you like to participate in our project?

Would you like to have real influence upon the development of our system? Use the pilot version of the TIMATE system in your company or become our partner and join in the testing of the system.

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TENVIRK Sp. z o.o. realizes a project co-financed by the European Funds:

“Smart ID card for effortless time and attendance, access control and monitoring of safety and work efficiency”.

Project financing from the EU: PLN 2 334 107.82
Total cost of project implementation : PLN 3 461 878.47
Intermediate Body: National Center for Research and Development
Contract Number: POIR.01.01.01-00-0227 / 15-00
Project implementation period: from December 1, 2015 to November 30, 2018
The project is realized within the Activity: 1.1 “R & D projects of enterprises”,
Sub-activity 1.1.1 “Industrial research and development works realized by companies
“ POIR in 2015 (Contest 1 / 1.1.1 / 2015)


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