What is ?

TIMATE is the next generation Time and Attendance (TNA) system with an intelligent card equipped with the Internet of Things technology at its heart.

Why was

We noticed that the TNA solutions existing on the market are beneficial exclusively for the employer, while for the employees they are nothing more than a daily bother of reading the card in the reader or touching a screen with a finger.   Moreover, the existing TNA systems, which employ RFID cards, are prone to abuse. If we have a closer look at the TNA solutions offered on the market we can also notice that they make use of biometry, which is based on the analysis of sensitive personal data of the employee, which is forbidden.


In response to the needs of both the employers and the employees we have created an intelligent card in the form of an employee ID.  By means of the card it is possible to register reliable data concerning working hours in a comfortable and self-operating way while any abuse is automatically detected.  This is important to the employer.  On the other hand, the employee can receive information about his working hours and his tasks via the card screen – which is important to the employee.

How does  system work?

Watch our animation to learn more about how the TIMATE system works.

Would you like to participate in developing the system?

We are looking for partners to help us develop our system.  If you start cooperating with us, you can implement a pilot TIMATE system in your company and you can influence the way it is developed.  If you represent a company which is involved in R&D you can join in the testing of the system in companies as well as integrate it with your own solutions.





Get to know us

Maciej Światowski

One day I was visiting a company, when my attention was drawn to monitors with pictures from dozens of CCTV cameras filming the employees.  The footage was not being watched – there is no time for that and it is impossible to watch them all at the same time.  However it was that view which made me look for a different solution which would make it possible to keep automatic control over the employees at all times while not interfering with their privacy.

Tomasz Łempiński

I thought that registering working hours is also important to me as an employee.  I want to know how much I work and I want to have control over it.  One day while jogging with a sports watch, it occurred to me that I could do with a similar device at work.  Just as I wanted to know how far I had run, I want to know how much I actually work.

Research and Development

The TIMATE System has been tested in leading scientific institutions dealing with occupational safety in Poland.  At the moment the programme is entering a new stage of being implemented in selected companies.




The University of Occupational Safety Management in Katowice helped us check the basic assumptions of our time and attendance system.  We have confirmed the functioning of the invention which is the basis for the mechanism detecting abuse.


The Central Institute for Labour Protection in Warsaw by using a simulation in virtual reality has researched the situations involving the detection of accidents at work as well as scenarios of monitoring the use of personal protection equipment.


The intelligent card project is realized within the framework of the „Fast Track” programme, implemented under the Measure 1.1. “Industrial R&D carried out by enterprises” of the Operational Programme Smart Growth 2014-202 co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.  The Intermediate Body for this project is the National Centre for Research and Development.


Less is more: use technology to chase away the post-holiday spleen

The sense of detachment from reality, problems with concentration and the longing for carefree days – this is how you feel when you get back to work after holiday. It is really hard to avoid the post-holiday spleen, especially if we think that eight hours will be enough time to make some order out of this chaos.

Ready, steady, test! – TIMATE’s pilot programme

Innovative. Practical. Irreplaceable. Is this an accurate description of the TIMATE system? Soon you will be able to find it out first-hand, since we are launching a pilot programme in which selected companies will be testing our cards in real life.

FAQ: all you want to know about TIMATE and are not afraid to ask!

Will TIMATE make slaves out of workers? What will happen if I leave my card at home? Read frequently asked questions about our invention. Contact us if you have any futher questions! We will be happy to help!


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TENVIRK Sp. z o.o. realizes a project co-financed by the European Funds:

“Smart ID card for effortless time and attendance, access control and monitoring of safety and work efficiency”.

Project financing from the EU: PLN 2 334 107.82
Total cost of project implementation : PLN 3 461 878.47
Intermediate Body: National Center for Research and Development
Contract Number: POIR.01.01.01-00-0227 / 15-00
Project implementation period: from December 1, 2015 to November 30, 2018
The project is realized within the Activity: 1.1 “R & D projects of enterprises”,
Sub-activity 1.1.1 “Industrial research and development works realized by companies
“ POIR in 2015 (Contest 1 / 1.1.1 / 2015)


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